Besides being blog-obsessed, I really love the news and knowing everything important and “newsy” that is going on around me, around the country, and around the world. Therefore, I pay close attention to the news and am always looking for news sources that really interest me. One news source that I really like, and probably because it is in a blog format, is The Huffington Post.

Being young, I love news sources that have breaking, serious, important news as well as funny, interesting and entertaining news. HuffPost has all of these kinds of stories. There is something for everyone to enjoy on this site.
There are breaking news stories on important political stories: Largely White Audience Turns Out To Hear Rand Paul Speak At African-American Outreach Event.
rand paul african american
There are random yet still newsworthy stories: Newlyweds Elytte And Miranda Barbour Killed A Man For Fun, Police Say.
Miranda Barbour

And of course there are those silly, not-so-important yet entertaining stories: Miley Cyrus’ Jingle Ball Performance Of ‘#Getitright’ Features Santa Twerking And Plenty Of Glitter.

miley cyrus



The time has come. Thanksgiving has passed and now Christmas has the full attention of all those who celebrate it. And now that it is December, winter is officially here (even though it’s in the 60s here in Columbia, MO). There is a blog that I’ve been following for years – yet another picture blog – that gets me so excited for winter and even more so for Christmas.

The tumblr account winter has pictures of everything winter and Christmas related and just makes you fall in love with it all. This blog has thousands and thousands of lovely pictures that represent the magic that is Christmas time.

Like the fall tumblr account, there are a lot of pictures of winter/Christmas treats (and who doesn’t love those),

there are many photos of furry animals playing in the snow,

and, of course, plenty of pictures of Christmas lights.

There are so many beautiful things about this time of year, and I love having a place I can go to look at all of it at once. One thing that would make this even better is some Christmas music playing in the background!


Keeping with the theme of pictures, I thought I’d write about PostSecret. While some might not consider it I blog, I do because it’s updated weekly with new pictures, information, comments, and more and I check it every week along with my other blogs. In fact, PostSecret started as an experiment on Blogspot, so there’s that.

If you don’t know what PostSecret is, you’re in for a treat. PostSecret is an ongoing community mail art project, created by Frank Warren, in which people mail their secrets anonymously to Frank on a homemade postcard. Select secrets are then posted on the PostSecret website or used for PostSecret’s books or museum exhibits. How cool is that?!


The reason I like this site so much is because it’s a reminder that everyone goes through hard times, everyone has something they don’t want others to know, and that many of us go through similar things. Some of the secrets are sad, some are scary, some are funny, and some are very random; regardless, they’re all interesting to read. The author claims that the postcards are inspirational to those who read them, have healing powers for those who write them, give hope to people who identify with a stranger’s secret, and create an anonymous community of acceptance. I believe these things to be true.


Frank updates PostSecret every Sunday and has since the site launched in 2005. I think I have checked PostSecret every Sunday for the past four or five years. I’m so glad he’s continued to do this. I think it’s wonderful.


Frank travels the world presenting secrets to crowds of people at colleges all the time. Check for tour dates and times. Also, you can buy the books online and in stores. They are just as wonderful. Here is a video from a PostSecret Event tour:

Everybody Loves a Pretty Picture

I think it’s true: everybody loves a pretty picture. How could you not? Photos can do so much and show so much. The number of things photography can do is uncountable. Over the years, I’ve come to love good photography, especially after studying journalism and learning about how powerful a picture can be.

Since I am a big fan of photos, I follow a ton of strictly-picture blogs. Most of these blogs are called tumblrs and there are so many out there. Many tumblrs have specific themes and others are just a collection of random pictures. Most bloggers who use tumblrs post pictures they found on other tumblrs or websites, but there are some that solely post their own photos.

Some of the non-themed tumblrs I follow are Cape Cod Collegiate and b i t of w h i m c. Both include awesome, beautiful photos of anything and everything. Basically, the authors just find pictures they like from around the internet and post them on their tumblr. Easy peasy.


Picture from BitofWhimc


Picture from Cape Cod Collegiate


I follow quite a few themed tumblr blogs. In the winter, I love to look at the tumblr winter. When I’m feeling romantic and serendipitous, I like to explore Serendipitous Romance, also known as Lost in the Moment…. There’s also a relatively famous tumblr called The The Sartorialist that I often look at. The Satoralist is a fashion photographer, and goes out on the streets all over the world and takes pictures of people wearing interesting/beautiful/odd clothing. It is such an awesome blog since the author travels so much. You can see what people from all over the world are wearing.


Picture from winter


Picture from Lost in the moment…


Picture from The Satoralist. Men on the street in Paris

The reasons I really like to follow tumblrs are for inspiration or just to see some beautiful images of anything and everything around the world. There’s so much I haven’t seen and these photo-centric blogs allow me to see so much. 

Switching Gears

I’ve realized that all of the blog posts I have written thus far have focused on blogs based in New York City, so I am switching gears. Today I’m focusing on a blog based in the only other city besides their own New Yorkers know exist: L.A.

The blog Cupcakes and Cashmere is written by a fashionista living in Los Angeles. Go figure. If you’re not that into fashion (or seeing what this random woman wears everyday) don’t be turned away from this blog just yet. Emily, the author, also writes about home décor, cooking and baking, DIY projects, and more.

Here's Emily modeling one of her outfits. Most of her posts are like this with a description of the clothing and where each piece is from.

Here’s Emily modeling one of her outfits. Most of her posts are like this with a description of the clothing and where each piece is from.

While fashion is the main focus of Emily’s blog, it is most definitely not limited to it. Emily is constantly trying out new recipes and making meals and treats from scratch. It’s actually quite unbelievable how many different things she tries making at home. I think she’s brave for making homemade donuts, candy, gnocchi, bagels, pretzels, Cheez-Its, and more. Personally, I don’t think I would ever attempt to make those things. Maybe that’s just because I’m not the greatest chef, which Emily clearly is.

donut6                     cheez-it5                     twix62

Not only is the author of this cutesie blog an awesome chef, she also is great at crafting. She makes homemade gifts all of the time. She has even made her own stationary, candles, teabags (what?!), and more. Emily often gives her clothes and accessories makeovers as well. From purses to sunglasses to button downs, she’s done it all.


Some other things that Emily features on her blog are decorating and some traveling. She is constantly purchasing new things to decorate her (and her husband’s) home and rearranging furniture and what not. She’s clearly a very creative person. I also like the fact that she does a good amount of traveling. Not a lot but a decent amount. She was recently married and went to Italy for her honeymoon, she also frequents New York (woohoo!) for interviews and other things related to fashion, and she travels to places close to L.A. or other towns in California.

Overall, Emily has a blog that covers a lot of different things, which is most likely the reason why it has been so successful. She even wrote a book, which was also very successful, based on the stuff she covers on her blog. While I most likely won’t make most of the stuff she cooks or attempt any of her DIY projects, I still love her blog. She’s a good writer and branches out further than fashion. I suggest anyone interested in home décor, fashion, and cooking to check out Cupcakes and Cashmere!

Buy her book now!

I <3…

NYC. And this is why I follow the blog A CUP OF JO. Well, one of the reasons. The author, Joanna, lives in NYC with her husband and toddler son, so of course I like this blog. Babies, family, NYC. However, Joanna also happens to be a journalist who made her way from the bottom after moving to NYC after college. She started at Cosmopolitan and worked for many magazine over the years. It’s so nice for me to hear stories like that since I’m hoping to do the same.


Joanna and her adorable son Toby. Ps. She’s pregnant!

Another reason I love this blog is because Joanna is very open and isn’t scared to state her opinions. Just because you have a family blog doesn’t mean you can’t mention your own opinions about something just because some of your followers might not agree. While the blog is definitely focused on motherhood now, she posts about a lot of other things too. Her posts are about anything and everything including a lot on fashion, travel, and relationships.

This blog is definitely focused on a lifestyle of more “aged” individuals if you know what I mean, but I still love this blog. Joanna is a great writer and very witty. One of my favorite things on A Cup Of Jo is her weekend post. Every Friday afternoon, she posts a bunch of links to cool things from around the web. They are usually pictures or articles or completely random stuff, but it’s so cool because it’s stuff you probably typically wouldn’t find on your own. At least I know I wouldn’t. This link, Models and Their Mothers, is just one of the links she put up this Friday.

No matter your age, I highly recommend this blog. She has received praise from many and is followed by many as well. It’s a great blog with great information. Enjoy!

It’s Not All Fun and Games

Since I am writing this blog for a college course I am taking, I figured I should write about a college-related blog. Fortunately, I happen to follow one of those. It’s called College Prep. Why, you ask? Because the author, Carly, is very preppy and started her blog her first year of college.



Even though Carly is no longer in college, she still posts great tips for staying organized, getting work done, and more. While she was in college, she wrote some great posts about how to handle course loads, the best ways to study, and how to still have fun while doing all of that.

While the blog has a heavy focus on school work (and now real world work), Carly puts a heavy emphasis on fashion. I mean, it is called College Prep after all. She always makes lists of her favorite clothing items, new trends, and cute stuff that’s new in preppy stores like J. Crew and Kate Spade.

Carly's February Favorites

Carly’s February Favorites

There are other reasons I love the College Prep blog besides all of her great work and fashion tips. For one, she just moved to NYC. She is from Florida and went to college in D.C., but she just happened to move to NYC when she graduated. How great! A blog I already followed just moved to NYC, so now I have even more coverage of my favorite city.

Another reason I follow her blog is because it’s focused on what people my age care about since Carly is my age. Many of the blogs I follow focus on family and children, which is not relevant to my life at this time. I would highly recommend that people in college or recent college graduates check out College Prep, as well.

One of my favorites

For my first post, I thought I would share one of my favorite blogs. There are many reasons this blog is my favorite, but the main reasons are because the blogger lives in New York City, which is a dream of mine, and because she documents her family’s life and delicious-looking foods. That’s three of my passions right there: NYC, family, and food.

Other reasons I love this blog are because her family is absolutely adorable and so is she, they do fun and interesting things all the time, and the blogger documents a lot of their life together. I believe that if you blog about your life, you must blog about it a lot otherwise followers will lose interest. This blogger blogs often and makes sure to include lots of pictures, which makes the blog very appealing (to me especially).

The blog is called Rockstar Diaries and is written by Naomi Davis. Naomi is married to Josh and the two of them have two adorable kiddos, Eleanor and Samson. The couple met in NYC and recently moved back after living in Washington D.C. for a while. They love the city just as much as I do, and not to mention adorable children. Naomi, who also goes by Taza, loves fashion and has great clothes, which is another reason I love the blog.

To sum up: I love this blog because it covers NYC, babies, family, food, fashion, and fun.

I hope you like it too!

taza & family

Taza and family.

How cute are they? Seriously.