Besides being blog-obsessed, I really love the news and knowing everything important and “newsy” that is going on around me, around the country, and around the world. Therefore, I pay close attention to the news and am always looking for news sources that really interest me. One news source that I really like, and probably because it is in a blog format, is The Huffington Post.

Being young, I love news sources that have breaking, serious, important news as well as funny, interesting and entertaining news. HuffPost has all of these kinds of stories. There is something for everyone to enjoy on this site.
There are breaking news stories on important political stories: Largely White Audience Turns Out To Hear Rand Paul Speak At African-American Outreach Event.
rand paul african american
There are random yet still newsworthy stories: Newlyweds Elytte And Miranda Barbour Killed A Man For Fun, Police Say.
Miranda Barbour

And of course there are those silly, not-so-important yet entertaining stories: Miley Cyrus’ Jingle Ball Performance Of ‘#Getitright’ Features Santa Twerking And Plenty Of Glitter.

miley cyrus


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