Everybody Loves a Pretty Picture

I think it’s true: everybody loves a pretty picture. How could you not? Photos can do so much and show so much. The number of things photography can do is uncountable. Over the years, I’ve come to love good photography, especially after studying journalism and learning about how powerful a picture can be.

Since I am a big fan of photos, I follow a ton of strictly-picture blogs. Most of these blogs are called tumblrs and there are so many out there. Many tumblrs have specific themes and others are just a collection of random pictures. Most bloggers who use tumblrs post pictures they found on other tumblrs or websites, but there are some that solely post their own photos.

Some of the non-themed tumblrs I follow are Cape Cod Collegiate and b i t of w h i m c. Both include awesome, beautiful photos of anything and everything. Basically, the authors just find pictures they like from around the internet and post them on their tumblr. Easy peasy.


Picture from BitofWhimc


Picture from Cape Cod Collegiate


I follow quite a few themed tumblr blogs. In the winter, I love to look at the tumblr winter. When I’m feeling romantic and serendipitous, I like to explore Serendipitous Romance, also known as Lost in the Moment…. There’s also a relatively famous tumblr called The The Sartorialist that I often look at. The Satoralist is a fashion photographer, and goes out on the streets all over the world and takes pictures of people wearing interesting/beautiful/odd clothing. It is such an awesome blog since the author travels so much. You can see what people from all over the world are wearing.


Picture from winter


Picture from Lost in the moment…


Picture from The Satoralist. Men on the street in Paris

The reasons I really like to follow tumblrs are for inspiration or just to see some beautiful images of anything and everything around the world. There’s so much I haven’t seen and these photo-centric blogs allow me to see so much. 


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