It’s Not All Fun and Games

Since I am writing this blog for a college course I am taking, I figured I should write about a college-related blog. Fortunately, I happen to follow one of those. It’s called College Prep. Why, you ask? Because the author, Carly, is very preppy and started her blog her first year of college.



Even though Carly is no longer in college, she still posts great tips for staying organized, getting work done, and more. While she was in college, she wrote some great posts about how to handle course loads, the best ways to study, and how to still have fun while doing all of that.

While the blog has a heavy focus on school work (and now real world work), Carly puts a heavy emphasis on fashion. I mean, it is called College Prep after all. She always makes lists of her favorite clothing items, new trends, and cute stuff that’s new in preppy stores like J. Crew and Kate Spade.

Carly's February Favorites

Carly’s February Favorites

There are other reasons I love the College Prep blog besides all of her great work and fashion tips. For one, she just moved to NYC. She is from Florida and went to college in D.C., but she just happened to move to NYC when she graduated. How great! A blog I already followed just moved to NYC, so now I have even more coverage of my favorite city.

Another reason I follow her blog is because it’s focused on what people my age care about since Carly is my age. Many of the blogs I follow focus on family and children, which is not relevant to my life at this time. I would highly recommend that people in college or recent college graduates check out College Prep, as well.


One of my favorites

For my first post, I thought I would share one of my favorite blogs. There are many reasons this blog is my favorite, but the main reasons are because the blogger lives in New York City, which is a dream of mine, and because she documents her family’s life and delicious-looking foods. That’s three of my passions right there: NYC, family, and food.

Other reasons I love this blog are because her family is absolutely adorable and so is she, they do fun and interesting things all the time, and the blogger documents a lot of their life together. I believe that if you blog about your life, you must blog about it a lot otherwise followers will lose interest. This blogger blogs often and makes sure to include lots of pictures, which makes the blog very appealing (to me especially).

The blog is called Rockstar Diaries and is written by Naomi Davis. Naomi is married to Josh and the two of them have two adorable kiddos, Eleanor and Samson. The couple met in NYC and recently moved back after living in Washington D.C. for a while. They love the city just as much as I do, and not to mention adorable children. Naomi, who also goes by Taza, loves fashion and has great clothes, which is another reason I love the blog.

To sum up: I love this blog because it covers NYC, babies, family, food, fashion, and fun.

I hope you like it too!

taza & family

Taza and family.

How cute are they? Seriously.